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January 2002


January 31, 2002

Governor's Forces Routed in Afghan Factional Fighting 
Gardez, Afghanistan (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Fighting Erupts in Afghan City as Warlords Compete for Power 
Gardez, Afghanistan (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

An Unusual New Palestinian 'Martyr': A Woman 
Alamari Refugee Camp, West Bank (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)


January 30, 2002

Heavy Fighting in Afghanistan Between Two Rival Warlord 
Gardez (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Iran, Iraq and North Korea Dismiss Bush Accusations 
Istanbul (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Iran, Iraq and North Korea Reject Bush Charges 
Istanbul (The Washington Post, INTERNATIONAL)

Kidnappers Threaten to Kill WSJ Writer 
Islamabad (The Chicago Tribune)

E-Mail Contains New Threat to Kill Reporter 
Islamabad (The LA Times, TOP NEWS)

U.S. Reporter Seen as Victim of Sophisticated Trap 
Karachi (The Washington Post, WORLD)

Explosives Scare Closes S.F. Terminal 
San Francisco (The LA Times, NATIONAL)

Bush vows to revive ailing economy 
Washington (The Chicago Tribune, NATIONAL)

Bush Hits Road With Wartime Message 
Washington (The LA Times, NATIONAL)

Bush, Focusing on Terrorism, Says Secure U.S. Is Top Priority 
Washington (The New York Times, NATIONAL)

Bush Vows to Defeat Terror, Recession 
Washington (The Washington Post, NATIONAL)

Palestinian Woman Bomber Yearned for Martyrdom 
West Bank (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)


January 29, 2002

Lemak won't get death penalty 
Chicago (The Chicago Tribune, LOCAL)

Killer Executed at San Quentin 
(The LA Times, LOCAL)

Israeli Army Raids Palestinian Village 
Artas (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Rebels Target Colombia's Infrastructure 
Bogota (The Washington Post, WORLD)

Afghans Kill 6 Who Held Out Inside Hospital 
Kandahar (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Death Toll in Nigeria Blasts Soars to 600 
Lagos (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)


January 28, 2002

American Reporter Held Captive in Pakistan, a Message Says 
Islamabad (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Sept. 11 Survivor Wounded as Jerusalem Bomb Kills 2 
Jerusalem (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

U.S. Forces and Allies Storm Afghan Hospital, Killing 6 
Kandahar (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Six al Qaeda Fighters Killed 
Kandahar (The Washington Post, INTERNATIONAL)

At Least 500 Dead, Many Missing After Nigeria Blasts 
Lagos (The Washington Post, INTERNATIONAL)

Cops seek man who took car with kids 
South Side (The Chicago Tribune, NATIONAL)

2 fatal car crashes result in DUI, homicide charges 
South Side (The Chicago Tribune, NATION)


January 27, 2002

2 Portraits of Grandmother's Killer Emerge 
(The LA Times, LOCAL)

The Devil You Know 

Palestinian Woman Sets Off Bomb 
Jerusalem (The Chicago Tribune, TOP STORY)

Female Bomber Strikes Scarred Shopping District in Jerusalem 
Jerusalem (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Female Bomber Hits Downtown Jerusalem 
Jerusalem (The Washington Post, WORLD)

Kilgore Targets Domestic Violence 
Richmond (The Washington Post, NATION)


January 26, 2002

Brianna's Godmother Sentenced 
(The Washington Post, NATION)

Ex-Enron Executive Found Dead in Car 
Houston (The Washington Post, NATION)

India Tests Missile, Stirring a Region Already on Edge 
New Delhi (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Missile Test by India Raises Nuclear Ante 
New Delhi (The Washington Post, WORLD)

Gunmen Shoot 3 in Pittsburgh Eatery 
Pittsburgh (The LA Times, NATION)

Sleeper Cells' in Singapore Show Al Qaeda's Long Reach 
Singapore (The New York Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Suicide Bombing Rocks Tel Aviv 
Tel Aviv (The Washington Post, WORLD)


January 25, 2002

Brianna's Godmother Sentenced to Prison 
(The Washington Post, NATION)

Former Enron Executive Found Dead 
Houston (The LA Times, BUSINESS)

Police Say Former Enron Executive Committed Suicide
Houston (The New York Times, BUSINESS)

Former Enron Executive Found Dead 
Houston (The Washington Post, NATION

Prime Minister of India Says Missile Test Good for Security 
New Delhi (The New York Times, WORLD)

India's Missile Test Irks Pakistan
New Delhi (The Washington Post, WORLD)

Hockey Father Sentenced to 6 to 10 Years 
Cambridge (The New York Times, NATION)

Hockey Dad Sentenced in Beating Death Case 
Cambridge (The Washington Post, NATION)


January 24, 2002

American Talib Ordered Held Without Bail 
Alexandria, VA (The LA Times, NATIONWORLD) 

Walker Appears in Court 
Alexandria, VA (The Washington Post, NATIONAL) --

 A Crime Boss Clouds Inquiry on Shooting in Calcutta 
Calcutta (New York Times, WORLD)

Schools help kids learn to fight bullies 
Chicago (The Chicago Tribune, LOCAL NEWS)

Indonesian Troops Kill Leader of a Province's Separatist Group 
Jakarta (New York Times, WORLD)

Naperville officer kills man 
Naperville (The Chicago Tribune, NATION)

Bush Seeks $38 Billion for Homeland Defense
Washington (The LA Times, NATIONWORLD)

Bush Seeks Major Defense Boost 
Washington (The Washington Post, ON POLITICS)


January 23, 2002

Palestinians and Israelis Warn of Retaliation

Arab Slays 2 and Wounds 20 After 4 Die in Israeli Raid

In Pheonix, a Drug Theft May Have Led to Murder
Pheonix (NY Times, NATIONAL)

Walker Due to Arrive in U.S. Late Today
Washington (Washington Post, SPECIAL REPORTS)


January 22, 2002

Deadly Attack in India Appears Aimed at Local Police, not U.S.
New Delhi (Washington Post, WORLD)

Mayor's Killing in Brazil State Churns Politics and Stirs Rage
Rio De Janeiro (NY Times, INTERNATIONAL)

January 21, 2002

More Detainees Arrive in Guantanamo
Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba (LA Times,NATIONWORLD)

American Taliban Likely to Be Moved
Kandahar, Afghanistan (Detriot News, NATIONAL)

Report: Shoe Bomb Suspect Sent E-Mails
Paris, France (LA Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Israel Takes Over West Bank Town
Tulkarem, West Bank (Detroit News - INTERNATIONAL)

Pair Convicted of Enslaving Housekeeper
Silver Springs (Washington Post, METRO)

Focus on Anger May Help to Curb "Road Rage"
Washington, DC (Washington Post, NATION)

January 20, 2002

September 11 Backlash Murders and the State of "Hate"
Washington, DC (Washington Post, SPECIAL REPORTS)

Days After Cross Burning, Town Drowns Out Klan Rally
Newport (Washington Post, NATION)

January 19, 2002

Jury Finds Ex-Priest Guilty of Assaulting Boy
Oston (NY Times, NATIONAL)

To Some, War Zones Beckon Like a Tourist Destination
Washington (LA Times, NATIONAL)


January 18, 2002

Six Israelis Slain by Palestinian Gunman
Hadera, Israel (NY Times,INTERNATIONAL)

January 17, 2002

In West Bank Town, Palestinians Weep for Jewish Friend
Beit Jala, West Bank (NY Times, INTERNATIONAL)

Detroit Murder Suspect Ordered Held
Highland Park (NY Times, NATIONAL)

Students Tackle Gunmen in Law School
Grundy, Va. (NY Times, NATIONAL)

Taunts May Have Sparked a Shooting at a Manhattan High School
New York (NY Times, NY Region)

Neo-Nazis Convicted in Slaying
Oslo, Norway (NY Times, INTERNATIONAL)


January 16, 2002

Rioters Incite Mayhem in Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria (Washington Post, WORLD)

Columbia Rebels Stage Attacks
PUENTE QUETAME, Colombia (Washington Post,WORLD)

Racial Adversaries Converge on City Trying to Heal
New York (NY Times, NATIONAL)

January 15, 2002

Fifteen Killed at Philippines Rally
JOLO,Philippines (Washington Post, WORLD)

Trial Begins for Priest Accused of Molestation
Boston (NY Times, NATIONAL)

Mom Sentenced For Killing Daughter
Los Angeles (NY Times, NATIONAL)

January 12, 2002

Man Convicted in Fatal Beating in Dispute at Son's Hockey Game
Cambridge (NY Times, NATIONAL)

Tampa Crash Pilot Had Acne Drug Prescription: Medicine's Link to Suicide Is Being Probed
Tampa, FL (Washington Post, NATION)


February 2002